Friday, July 2, 2010

24 Day Challenge SUCCESS!!!

The Culture of Champions just completed a great 24 Day Challenge.  Check out what one of Jessica's clients did with the help of Advocare!

Pictured above is Cindy in my 5:15pm Women's Only class. She decided to step it up a notch and take on the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. We did her body comp exactly 24 days ago and then again yesterday to track her progress.

I know people get great results on this challenge but it is only 24 days so I didn't expect HUGE changes, but a great kick start to huge LONG TERM changes. Well Cindy blew me away. In 24 days she lost 4 pounds (more than a pound a week), 2% body fat and a total of 7 inches!!!! Pretty amazing for 24 days! Not only is she looking better but she is feeling better and as her coach I know that her performance has gotten better as well. You can see the intensity in her workouts now.  

Cindy says, " I have felt more energy over the last couple weeks. A couple friends have commented that I look more toned." I'm so proud of her and look forward to more success, she is now doing the "slim down" program for the next couple of months and we will repeat her body comp and then from there if she is happy switch her to the "get ripped" program.

I would love to see her stay on track and be one of CrossFit Central's 2010 SUCCESS STORIES!!!! Goooo Cindy!